Information for stall holders

Sign up for EMF 2018 will open in the beginning of January 2018. Deadline beginning of February 2018. 

You are welcome to contact the Festival Secretariat if you have any questions.
Europæisk Middelalder Festival
Kultur & Eventafdelingen
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Tel: +45 7629 2130

Company registration
All foreign stall holders need to be tax registered, and it is their responsibility to abide by the rules. We have to inform you, that SKAT may pay your stall a visit and have the option of closing your stall if you do not have sufficient legal documentation.

Introduction: How to start a company in Denmark
Introduction: How to registrate your company

You can find the registration form “Registration of Non-Danish company” at by searching for “40.112” in the search field.

If you have sector specific questions about authorisation schemes and requirements for regulated professions under Danish law, contact Business In Denmark:
Phone: +45 3546 6565 

If you have questions concerning the registration form, contact the Danish Business Authority:
Phone: +45 7220 0032

European Medieval Festival

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