Europæisk Middelalder Festival 
Barbecue Food Stall

Stalls and fire safety

Stall holders are encouraged to bring their own stalls to the festival. However, your stalls need to be approved by the festival’s secretariat prior to the festival. We kindly ask you to send a photo of your stall to the festival secretariat no later than Februay 10, 2017.

Rent a stall
The festival has a small amount of stalls available, which are mainly kept in reserve for stall holders who need a fire-safety suitable stall. For this reason we cannot guarantee that there will be a stall for everyone who applies. If you whish to rent a stall, you can do this via the stallholder’s application form.

Green stall (1x1)       400kr (not fire-safety suitable)
Ry stall (2x3)            700kr (fire-safety suitable)
A & NY stall (3x3)   800kr (fire-safety suitable)

You are also more than welcome to contact the festival secretariat, if you need advice or inspiration for creating your own stall.

Bonfires, barbeque areas and safety
The festival’s security rules says that bonfires and barbeques need to be placed at least    

¤ 1 metres from fire-safety suitable stall   
¤ 10 metres from not fire-safety suitable stalls

The safety regulations are very strict at the Festival. Please state in your application, if your stall/tent is fire-safety suitable, and remember to send the certificate of the fabric no later than February 10, 2017. Please also remember to bring the certificate to the festival.

Please notice that we automatically classify your stall as not fire-safety suitable if we do not receive documentation. Please fell free to contact us if you have any questions.


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