Europæisk Middelalder Festival 

Renting a stall

Stall holders are encouraged to bring their own stalls to the festival. However, your stalls need to be approved by the festival’s secretariat prior to the festival. We kindly ask you to send a photo of your stall to the festival secretariat before the festival. Pictures and description should be sent to Anders Kramer.

Renting a stall

RY-bod (2x3m) 700 kr. Fireproof (brandmæssigt egnet)
NY-bod (3x3m) 800 kr. Fireproof (brandmæssigt egnet)
A-bod (3x3m) 800 kr. Fireproof (brandmæssigt egnet)
Grillbod (3x2m) 400 kr. Fireproof (brandmæssigt egnet)
GRØN-bod (1x1m) 400 kr. NOT fireproof

The stalls are rented through the applicationform.

Since the festival only has a small number of stalls, we cannot guarantee that all applicants will be able to rent a stall. We will prioritize new applicants, so we can help them start up. If you need advice in making your own stall, please write us.


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