Europæisk Middelalder Festival 

Renting a stallspace

Stall space WITHOUT liquor licence: 
Stall space with ONLYmerchantsgoods (without liquor licence):  1.200 dkr.
Stall space with food-sales (without liquor licence): 3.000 dkr.

Stall space WITH liquor licence: 
Stall space with beer-sale and a liquor licence: 7000 dkr. 

Restaurant, min 60 m2: 12.000 dkr.
Extra m2: 134 dkr/m2. (maximum 120 m2 in all, and will cost 20.000 dkr.)

Stalls must have one or more activities in the stall to get a liquorlicence. Examples of activities are: juggeling, magictricks, pla-activities, craftsmanship, music and so on.

Deposit: 1.200 kr.

You are not allowed to participate with your stall unless you have paid the deposit. If you dont show up, or cancel your stall less than 20 days before the festival, you will not have the deposit refunded.

Stallholders that has has expenses surpassing the 1.200 dkr. (for instance through stallrent, buying wares through us, and so on) will have the deposit deducted from their invoice. Payments are due within 30 days after the event. In case of late payments, interests and fees will be applied according to danish laws. Stallholders with a debt to us, will not be eligible for application.

Its free to participate as an historical craftsman at EMF, on the condition that the main activity is showing the craft to the guests. If you want to participate as a historical craftsman, please write so in the notes in the application, so we can contact you.


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