Europæisk Middelalder Festival 
Europæisk Middelalder Festival

Organisation of the festival

The Municipality of Horsens is the official event organiser, and the citizens, clubs, associations, and businesses of Horsens are important partners in the success of the festival. The Municipality employs a project coordinator to handle planning and execution of the festival. In addition, the festival has a Steering Committee to ensure the continued development of the festival, historical accuracy, and local anchoring.

Steering committee:
Lasse Schuleit, Culture Department
Anders Kramer Vestergaard (project coordinator), Cultural Department
Iben Høgh Grøftehauge (project coordinator), Cultural Department
Tine Nørgård (project coordinator), Cultural Department
Claus Lundgaard Karlsen, Technical Department
Hanne Christiansen, Jobcenter Horsens
Astrid Søes Poulsen, FÆNGSLET
Tina Sejr Hansen, FÆNGSLET
Tina Kruse, FÆNGSLET


Horsens Kommunes byvåben

European Medieval Festival

Cultural Department
Rådhustorvet 4
DK-8700 Horsens

Telephone: Tel. +45 76292130