Europæisk Middelalder Festival 
Europæisk Middelalder Festival

To educate and entertain

The European Medieval Festival seeks to combine cultural experiences with historical presentation to erase boundaries between entertainment and education. The goal is to create a cultural event that shines a light on an important era in European history and communicates historical knowledge to a broader audience than would normally visit a traditional museum.

Historic awareness
The European Medieval Festival has an obligation to communicate historical knowledge in new and exciting ways that can capture the imagination of children and adults alike. The Middle Ages should be an experience for all the senses in Horsens. In addition to the regular programme of musicians, jesters, knights, and theatre troupes, a lot of festival activities give audiences a sense of medieval life in the form of working exhibitions, a medieval school, encampments, lectures, etc.

The festival aims to give all visitors a feeling of walking straight into a medieval market – as if by way of a time machine. The European Medieval Festival reflects the market town of Horsens as it appeared during the period from 1350 to the end of the Middle Ages, which is marked by the Danish reformation in 1536. During this time, European art and culture went through rapid development. The European Medieval Festival strives with as much authenticity and historical accuracy as possible to shown all sides of medieval life: art, craft, music, the bustle of the market and the ways and customs of daily life.

This also means that you won't find an honest cup of coffee or a dollop of ketchup to go with your sausage – these items were simply not available in Denmark circa 1350. 

A festive event for local residents and visitors
But the medieval festival should also be fun and festive for the citizens of Horsens and its visitors. Every year, the festival presents musical groups, street performers and theatre groups, jousting knights and combat shows, and a huge market with approx. 120 stalls, craftsmen, and encampments. Participants come from Denmark, Germany, The Czech Republic, Poland, Belarus, Hungary, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, Finland, Ukraine, and more.

We aim to present a historical and cultural festival with a high level of music, theatre, crafts, trading, tournaments and medieval food.

An experience for children
The use of exciting experiences as learning tools includes those who might not otherwise be naturally drawn to historical facts. This approach is especially useful when communicating with children, who react well to not being schooled in the traditional sense. Fun and learning become one as the children feel, smell, and taste – learning with all their senses – and take on crossbow shooting, butter churning, jestering, and whittling.

The focus remains on creating experiences and activities for children, in order to put their own lives into perspective and create alternatives to TV, computers, game consoles, telephones, and the internet. Modern children quickly become engrossed in the beheading and plucking of a chicken or the butchering of a pig, which shows them where food really comes from. These fascinating processes are far from anything they experience in their daily lives.

Collaboration across different sectors
The festival should be event that brings all of Horsens Municipality together across public institutions, businesses, clubs/associations, and ordinary citizens. The festival hopes to help strengthen collaboration across sectors and establish new connections in the public sector as well as local businesses.

The European Medieval Festival is an important event for the many local clubs and associations that participate with sales and food stalls. For their members, it is something new and exiting that can be a bonding experience for the association, makes a profit for their volunteer work, and creates publicity for their activities.

The medieval festival as a marketing asset for the city
Great cultural events are a part of Horsens' city strategy. As one of the city's large cultural events, the European Medieval Festival helps market Horsens and the city's associations, shops, and businesses.


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