Europæisk Middelalder Festival 

The Medieval Market

Traders from all corners of the world descend on the medieval market in Horsens to sell their merchandise. You can find almost anything here – from exotic spices to high medieval fashion. But don't expect to be refreshed with cola or coffee, or to get ketchup, napkins, or a fork with your meal – such things did not exist in the Middle Ages.

The medieval market is located inside and outside the walls of the former state prison (FÆNGSLET).

Stall keepers tout their fascinating wares alongside busy craftsmen in open workshops, while performers and musicians entertain audiences from stages and market corners. The market has many things to offer, e.g.:

Bear skins, drinking horns, bows and arrows, medieval outfits, roast suckling pig, wooden swords and shields, armour for children and adults, local fish from the fjord, medieval jewellery, sea salt, oysters, knights' equipment, rabbit skins, leather bags and belts, berry wine, ceramics, wooden bowls, pancakes, medieval musical instruments, roast wild boar, wickerwork, and much, much more.


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European Medieval Festival

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